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Welcome to my weird and wonderful world!  I am a writer of Young Adult Fantasy. You could call them tall tales, or even speculative fiction. My favourite term for what I write is Far Fetched Fiction, coined by fellow author Robert Rankin to describe his own work.  My stories are far-fetched, often humorous, and have a fantastical element to them (like aliens, monsters, demons or angels). Occasionally I try to SAY SOMETHING.  Basically, though, I just like to have fun.  That, to me, is what storytelling is all about.Have fun, and happy reading.


Timothy Carter BIOGRAPHY
Timothy Carter was born in England.  He is not a spy for her Majesty’s government, he’s never attended any schools for witchcraft and wizardry, and he doesn’t travel through time and space in a blue box.  However, he’d like to do all of the above at the first available opportunity.  He did turn 13 on Friday the 13th, and that makes him kind of cool, right? Timothy Carter lives in Toronto, Canada, with his wife and cats. Timothy can be contacted at tim@timothycarterworld.com

Stuart didn’t think what he’d done in the shower was evil.  It was his own body, and he can touch himself wherever he wants, right?  The people at his church disagree, however, and Stuart suddenly finds himself an outcast and on the run from people who want to punish him for his sin.  Has the entire town gone crazy?  Or is something supernatural going on...?

14-year-old Vincent Drear always hoped there was more to life than protesting movies, handing out pamphlets and waiting to burn in hell.  Little did he realize the world was about to end, and he would be a key player in the events preceding its demise.  When he gets captured by Elves, fights with Pixies, and gets pounded by Demons, Trolls and even the school bully, he quickly finds out.  The End has come.  But the Fun has just begun! Published by Flux.
attack of the intergalactic soul hunters

Conrad Viscous and Knowlton Cabbage have three things in common: both are 10 years old, both love the Sci/Fi show Infinite Destiny, and both lived a past life on another planet...
When the two boys find themselves on the run from people possessed by the spirits of their enemies, Conrad and Knowlton realize their past has caught up with them.  But what can two kids do against the Intergalactic Soul Hunters?

In life, Ricky Fallon was a depressed teenager desperate to escape his smothering friend Susan Sides. After accidentally falling to his death, he becomes something more. Fallon joins those responsible for spreading love to the living – the Cupids.

But the afterlife isn’t like a box of chocolates. Fallon must deal with an obnoxious leader while fighting the Cupids’ enemies – the Suicides. If that weren’t enough, Fallon discovers that his former friend Susan just might be the deadliest being on either side of life.

When Fallon meets Trina Porten, a teenage girl with a psychic gift, he makes a valuable ally among the living. Together, they must convince the Cupids of the threat Susan poses before Susan discovers the full extent of her power. Available in Kindle.

Robbie Portal fears the monsters that come from his closet at night . . . until he learns how to fight back. Monsters who use a secret tunnel system that connects to every closet are afraid of light and they can't bite through blankets. Using this knowledge, Robbie ventures into his closet and fights to save his family from the creatures of the night.
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